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‘Life is too short to wear boring clothes’

The length of a dress changes the entire look of any outfit. Brides often wear long white gown but image the same wedding dress hemline ended mini. The whole look of dress would completely change and probably convenient to occasions such as in date night.

When it comes to fashion, sometimes it is difficult to pick dress. Especially if you are going to attend a formal occasion, it is difficult to decide hemline, color and cut of the dress.

In past, wearing gowns, maxi dresses were a dress code for occasions like wedding. Recent years, fashion world is changing and mini hemlines are acceptable in many occasions. Of course, super mini hemline is not convenient for a special occasion but you can still prefer something above the knee.

If you are not sure which dress hemline suits your personality, in today’s post, I would like to compare them.

Personally, I love both hemlines. It is a little bit depends on the accessories. I have mini dresses also have maxi dresses. I choose my dress according to my mood that day. Sometimes, when I go out for a lunch or walk around, I prefer maxi dress and complete my look according to the season.

Difference between mini and maxi dress

Mini Dress

  • There are two types of mini one of them is super mini and the other type is with the hemline finishing anywhere above the knee. Mini dress can achieve both casual and formal.

  • You can wear it with sneakers, sandals for a casual occasions and for evening occasions you can opt ankle boots, knee high boots or heels.

Maxi Dress

  • The maxi ends below the ankle. Some of them may be too long and can be uncomfortable (especially on the street). That’s why you may need a high heels.

  • There is a common belief that maxi dress does not suit short girls. As long as dress is the right length, maxi dress look amazing on short girls.

  • Maxi dress is versatile, You can create bohemian look for summer and create sophisticated look for night.

  • They go perfect with leather jackets and flat boots in fall time.

What is your favorite dress length – mini or maxi? How do you pair it? Let me know it below

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