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Recent years growing awareness of wellbeing made yoga and pilates popular. These two disciplines linked with physical and mind health.

Yoga originated in ancient India and pilates devised by a German anatomist Joseph Pilates in the 20th century. Pilates is a physical stystem that uses specific targeted exercises to improve flexibility, strenght and posture.

Almost every gym offers yoga and pilates classes. Both of practices have health benefits such as lean muscle gain, posture and reducing stress.

Yoga and Pilates have similarities such as;

  • Each of them require discipline.

  • Both mat pilates and yoga requiere little equipment

  • Both require mental focus

  • According to yoga and pilates instructers difference between yoga and pilates is spirituality. Yoga offers combination of movement and meditation

  • Pilates is recommended for people who injured. Especially pilates reformer helps to rehabilitate.

  • If you prefer to develop balance and core strength, both yoga and pilates are ideal.

You prefer to stick only one of them and you are not sure which one is better for you?

The difference between pilates and yoga are;

  • For lose weight, reformer pilates is better option. Because using machines add cardio to your poses and this helps you burn calories.

  • For combat anxiety and depression, yoga is better option. Because it focuses on body and mind. Breathing exercises in yoga helps you to concentrate and help you to relax.

  • If you want to see results immediately, pilates exercises are better because there are very intense.

  • Yoga focuses on improving flexibility and pilates focuses on relax and streghten tense muscles.

  • You can deepen your meditation practice with yoga and you can recover after injury with¬† pilates.

Before you decide to yoga or pilates, try both of them. I tried all of them and my favorite one is reformer pilates.

Have you tried both of them? If you tried, which one is your favorite? Pilates or yoga? Let me know it below

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