Hello Angels,

Constant peer pressure from social media to define ourselves make us forget who we actually are. Especially during lockdown many people showed their skills such as baking a bread and I read on internet that many people felt really bad about it. They felt useless and untalented because some people didn’t want to do anything during lockdown and some of them didn’t prefer to do things such as baking, cooking, etc… because it is not their thing.

If you have no confidence yourself, social media easily make you feel horrible. All you need to be aware that lives on social media is not real and it is not a identift maker. Eveybody prefer to put their best version on social media. Personally, I love social media because I learn new things (from fashion to fitness) and I get inspired.

Our perception of ourself is very complex. We may not see the things we are best at. We may even be very good at things that we perceive ourself as being bad at.

Personally, I was thinking that my drawing is not good. I was critizing myself all the time. A few peope who are in professional in drawing saw my works and they adored it. They said that I am talented but all I need to do practice without criticing myself. If they weren’t tell me this, probably I wouldn’t continue to drawing.

Everyone is unique and talented. There are many good reasons to explore our talents. You should be patient because it is going to take a little work.

In today’s post I would like to share simple tips to discover your talents

  • Identify your dreams

No matter your life conditions right now, remember your dreams and hobbies you have had. Right back to childhood through your university years. Write them down and decide whether it is still your dream and hobby or not.

  • Focus on your hobbies and dreams

Sometimes we can be lazy to focus on our hobbies and dreams. But discovering your talents require testing your strengths.

For example you decided to build on a current skill you have like writing. Continue to work on everyday. It should be part of your daily habit.

  • Try things you would never have tried before

Besides building on a current skill, you should try an activity that you have never experienced before. Let’s say singing. Enroll in a class that teaches you a subject you are interested in and see if you have a talent or not.

  • Discover new places

Unfortunately many people are not be aware of importance of discovering new places. Before I live in Italy, I didn’t know my talent for photography. Rome is a wonderful city and there are so many beautiful details to take a photo. I started to take a photo and I realized that I adore this activity. Some days I go out only to take a photo. Many people find me talented in photography. I discovered my this talent thanks to magnificent city Rome.

  • Discovering a new city or moving to a new country might give you an idea for a novel drawing, etc.

World is a magical place and even if you don’t have time to travel, discover your city.

  • List what are you good at and bad at

We don’t know unless we thing about it. Focus on yourself. For example you can learn a new language quicky on the other hand, you may not good at cooking. Some people say that they don’t know how to list their talents. All you need a little bit of patience and concentration so you can easily identify your talents.

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