Hello Angels,

Almost every girl grows up with Disney movies. Even when we become adults, we don’t get bored to watch Disney movies. We are never old for fairytales. Even popular fashion and beauty brands get inspired by Disney princesses and create products, collections.

Disney movies and princess’ may sound childish but if you watch carefully they teach many things. For example they are effortlessly beautiful because they are confident and they know what they want. Even they face of struggle, they don’t give up.

We, women love to try new things. Disney princesses amazing way to bring a little magic in our lives. They often end up being elegant and flawless –  gorgeous hair, amazing makeup, etc…

Why don’t you bring a little bit magic into your everyday life with some simple makeup ideas. After all,  our favorite Disney characters inspire us to try out some of these stunning makeup ideas to channel our inner princess where we go.

You don’t have to buy tons of makeup products to feel like Disney Princess.

In today’s post, I would like to share beauty tips from Disney Princesses

  • Glow

Glow inside and out. You don’t need a full face makeup.  For inner glow, you should feel confident and for glow outside, you need a highly pigmented highlight to give your cheeks a glow all day long. The product should be light so it will look effortlessly glow. This simple touch create fresh and youthful look.

  • Healthy Hair

Hair colors, highlights and styling can ruin our hair but applying natural oils or hair masks may keep your hair halthy and shiny.

  • Thick Eyebrows

Thick eyebrows can change your look totally. If your brows are thin, you can fake it by penciling them. Also essential oils such as coconut oil help to have a thich brows.

  • Bigger Eyes

Big and bright eyes are one of the Disney Princess’s signature look. You all need a right mascara. Enchancing your eyelashes with mascara make your eyes pop.

  • Lips

Perfect lipstick is an essential for Disney princesses look. Red lipstick is the perfect choice. It is timeless and you can never go with a classic red lipstick.

  • Sleep

The idea of beauty sleep is not a fairy tale. Every girl needs her beauty sleep for health.

  • Flatter Your Features

Natural beauty is the key in Disney movies. Don’t put so much makeup just flatter your features.

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