Hello Angels,

August is a holiday time and I would like to concentrate on drawing more. One of the best thing to do during hot morning is grabing your sketchbook and going to your favorite cafe for drawing.

I draw for years to design clothes but honestly I am not very good in it. I started to prepare drawing challenge two months ago and I really loved it. It motivated me for drawing. Since then I am not lazy for drawing any more.

I would like to start new drawing challenge for this month. I will still continue to design new outfits besides I am going to start to this challenge to improve my drawing. Would you take the challenge too?

  • Draw a flower

  • Draw a place you want to visit

  • Draw your dream house

  • Draw your favorite activity

  • Draw your favorite summer activity

  • Draw your favorite good

  • Draw a lipstick

  • Draw history

  • Draw your favorite location

  • Draw high heels

  • Draw a costume from your favorite tv show/movie

  • Draw the moon

  • Draw your city

  • Draw a cup of coffee

  • Draw tropical leaves

  • Draw your favorite hairstyle

  • Draw balloons

  • Draw the beach

  • Draw your favorite Disney character

  • Draw your favorite Disney outfit

  • Draw love

  • Draw candlelight

  • Draw bride

  • Draw a perfect birthday cake

  • Draw a sky

  • Draw your favorite perfume bottle

  • Draw a sunny day

  • Draw a park

  • Draw a leaf

  • Draw a jewelry

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