Hello Angels,

We are in 1st of October and I would like to start this new month with Aphrodite energy.

Aphrodite is an ancient Greek goddess associated with beauty, love, passion and pleasure. She syncretized with Roman goddess Venus.

Aphrodite is sexual, powerful and creative. She embraces her feminine qualities and effortlessly attracts love.

You wouldn’t imagine that modern woman has much in common with Greek Goddess. The only difference is most of modern woman doesn’t believe their power anymore.

Aphrodite’s secret is being fully present in what she does and who she is with. She makes those around her the feeling of being special.And yes she gets what she wants.

She is not attrative because of her look but being feminine and emotional by nature she is a mystery who intigues all she meets, fiery man.

When you channel your inner Aphrodite energy, everything seems more lovely and brighter.

Aphrodite cares her appearance also appereciates beauty in the world such as nature and art.

Your own Aphrodite energy is present when you feel beautiful, when you are wearing clothes that feels feminine and when you really love and care yourself.

Why don’t you tap into your Aphrodite energy and attract love also miracklesi money and success into your life. It is all about accessing a love goddess like stake of mand and knowing to use than energy.

What kind of outfit would Goddess Aphrodite wear?

First of all I would like to start her color choices. She is a Goddess of love, passion and pleasure so she would often pick red (color of passion) , pink ( color of love) and gold ( color of abundance and quality) tones.

Her fashion style would be very sexy and feminine.


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