Hello Angels,

One of my favorite things about Easter is chocolate eggs. Easter is one of the most important day for Italians and they start to prepare a weeks ago.

It is no secret that Italians celebrate holidays with a lot of food. Leading up the Easter, delicious chocolate eggs are seen everywhere. Italians take Easter chocolate eggs very seriously. They are wrapped in beautiful paper and crack open their shells to reveal a creamy fillings or tiny surprise.

In Italy, eggs are considered a symbol of rebirth and feritlity during the spring.

In today’s post, I would like to share the delicious Easter egg chocolates.

Venchi is an Italian gourmet chocolate brand. The brand presents delicious chocolates and ice creams.

Gay Odin – Uovo Cioccolato al Latte con Noci di Sorrento

It is a Neapolitan chocolate brand. Their products made of 100% natural ingredients.

Amadei – Uovo Cioccolato Latte e Fondente

Amadei is an artisinal chocolate brand, made in Tuscony.

Grezzo Raw Chocolate – Raw Chocolate Easter Egg  (No glutine, no milk)

Grezzo Raw Chocolate brand was born in Rome in 2014. They use raw food cooking techniques. Their products are gluten free, organic and ingredients are mainly fresh fruit and dried fruit.

Italian chocolate brand  based in Perugia which is located in the Umbria region of central Italy.

I cant imagine Easter without Kinder chocolate eggs. One of the most Kinder products are surprise eggs and chocolate Easter eggs.. They are delicios.

Lindt is a Swiss chocolate brand but its very popular in Italy and you can find all Lindt products here.

What is your favorite Easter egg chocolate? Let me know below

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