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One of the most joyful occasions in Italy is the Easter celebrations. Easter known as Pasqua in Italian which is the second most  important day after Christmas. This religious holiday covers a weekend a weekend with the addition of Easter Monday (Pasquetta). I don’t celebrate Easter but I witness Easter celebrations in Italy every year and it is one of my favorite occasion in Italy.

Each Italian town holds its own custom celebration on the Easter Sunday.

Rome is the city where Vatican city resides. Many people gather in Saint Peter’s Basilica to listen to the Pope’s mass

In Florence, Easter celebrated with Explosion of the Cart (Scoppio del Carro). It is a big, decorated wagon used since 18th century anddragged through Florence by white oxen until it reaches in the historic center, Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore.

In Sardinia, Easter traditions are lined to Spanish Semana Santa because of the long historical associations.

Traditional Easter food is the one of the most important celebration during Easter. No Italian Easter holiday is complete without food. Italians start to prepare weeks before for this day.

Popular Italian Easter dishes are;

  • Colomba (Equation of Christmas Panettone)

It is a dove shaped Italian cake which is a symbol  for peace. Its dough is similar to panettone. Colombo has raisins instead of candied peel and topped with pearl sugar and almonds. It is consumed at Easter breakfast or as a afternoon snack.

  • Casatiello Napoletano

It is a very popular in Campania and Lazio regions. It is a rustic cake stuffed with whole eggs, cheese, salami and pancetta.

  •  Pastiera Napoletana

It is a typical Easter cake made of shortcrust pasty with a filling of cook berries, eggs and ricotta cheese.

Chocolate Easter eggs and Decorated Boiled Eggs

Eggs symbolizes rebirth and there are literally everywhere.

  • Pizza di Pasqua

It is a salty cake made of flour, eggs, parmigiano and pecorino.

What is your favorite Italian Easter tradition? What is your favorite Italian Easter dish? Let me know below

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