We all know the glowing skin is the basics of good skin. Glass skin, strobing … whatever you call it, a glowing skin became women’s priority.

There are plenty of new products with the same ambition from highligters to radiance boosting serums.

While we are waiting for the spring to match our enthusiasm for warmer weather, I have rounded not only my favorite products but also secret tips to try for glowy skin.


Adding toner to your daily skin routine could make all the difference. It helps to balance skin’s pH level and shrink the look pores.

I use rose water as a toner. It helps hydrate, regenarate skin tissues, clean pores and tone the skin.

The most important thing is you should 100% pure rose water.

Illuminating BB Cream

BB creams are perfect for skincare and make up.  Some companies call them as beauty balms others as blemish balm.

They provide SPF protection, sheer coverage and hydration which orevents the need for many separate products.

Now BB creams are one step further with additional ingredients such as antioxidants to regenerate skin.

You can use lightweight BB cream for create fresh and flawless look. Your skin will look glowy and sexy.

You can try Burt’s Bees BB Cream with SPF  15


Every women know that makeup artist’s not so secret weapon is concealers which eradicate dark circles and create natural, glow look.

I love Guerlain’s Multi Perfecting Concealer. It hydrates the skin, correct your skin tone, hide imperfections and create natural looking sexy look.

Exercise Daily

You don’t have to exercise like a marathon session. Quick 20 minute walk around the bock can get your blood flowing and bring a natural color to your skin.


Cucumbers are perfect as a food and mask. It contains two antioxidants that help fend off wrinkles and vitamin C gives your skin collagen and elastin ehick keeps yor skin radiant.

You can use as a cooling eye mask or add them to your water.