‘I want to go to a place where I can marvel at something. Language, gelato, spaghetti, something…’ Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Did you enjoyed the book from Elizabeth Gilbert? Did you watch the movie?

Elizabeth Gilbert has charmed many people with her best-selling memoir Eat Pray Love. Julie Roberts starring as a Elizabeth Gilbert. In the movie, she spends four month in Rome exploring delicious Italian food in the first section, Eat.

If you want to visit Rome like Eat Pray Love movie, here are prominent Roman locations that will make you follow the steps of Gilbert.

Tiber Island

The Island is one the favorite quiet place of Elizabeth. She loved walking along the Tiber.

The magical island has been connected with two bridges. It is associated with healing. There is a hospital on the island and still operating.

In summer time, the island hosts film festival.

Piazza Navano

Do you remember the scene where Elizabeth is eating an ice cream?

The scene was exactly in Piazza Navano which is the one of the peaceful and beautiful square of Rome also famous Four Rivers Fountain is located there.

Another attractions on this square are the beautiful Church of St. Agnes which is designed by Bernini and Palazzo Pamphili, where the Brazilian Embassy is located.

Definitely worth to visit.

Campo de’ Fiori

It is an amazing spot for aperitivo of the Rome. The square is a open market where you can find local food products including pasta.


It was the temple of all the gods in ancient Rome. In 7th century, It turned to a church.

It is Elizabeth’s one of the favorite place in Rome. She visited on every occasion.

Piazzetta Di San Simeone

The Piazzetta di San Simeone fountain is located. It is a really beautiful place. In the movie, Elizabeth was here watching a couple kissing.

Caffe Sant’Eustachio

It is located at Piazza di S. Eustachio which is very close to the Pantheon. Elizabeth starts to learn about the Italian coffee culture in this bar.

Via Dei Portoghesi

It is a movie location where Elizabeth’s apartment in Rome. Currently it’s a hotel which name is Hotel Portoghesi.

Castel Sant’Angelo

In the movie, Elizabeth stopped for a moment and observed Rome from the roof.

It is a romantic spot in Rome. You shouldn’t miss it.