Hello Angels,

Covid-19 may affected wedding plans but it brought importance of love and value. Even in pandemic time, there are thousands of people are getting engaged or getting married everyday.

According to jeweller’s couples are more willing to get married because of the uncertainty. Since pandemic, many couples prefer more intimacy and special things such as unique engagement rings and private intimate wedding.

Today, jewellers find new ways to connect with customers and they do their best to present the perfect piece. An engagement ring should be something you love so much..

When it comes to engagement ring, you should stick to your taste but checking out engagement trends may help you find the perfect piece.

In today’s post, I would like to share engagement ring trends for 2022.

  • Unique Designs

Classic type engagement rings such as oval cuts and classic pear are timeless but recent years, couples prefer more unique designs than timeless ones. Larger and scuptural rings and vibrant colored stones are very popular right now.

  • Marquise Cut Engagement Rings

If you prefer something bold, you can consider Marquise cut engagement ring. It is elegant and bold.

  • Combined Cuts

Combined different cuts of diamonds are also one of the 2022 engagement ring trends.

  • Three Jewels On a Band

This design is classic and timeless but this year renewed enthusiasm for trilogy engagement rings.

  • Halo Rings

Especially featured name-checked halo settings are very popular this year.

  • Splint Shank Engagement Rings

A split shank engagement ring’s popularty in increasing.

  • Vintage Inspired Rings

Tv shows like Downtown Abby and Bridgerton has an influence on engagement ring trends. Timeless and romantic designs are one of the most demanded engagement ring styles. You can picked designed as vintage style or real vintage ring.

What is your favorite engagement ring trends? Let me know it below

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