Hello Angels,

Whether you are into trends or not, engagement ring trends may give you some inspiration.

Engagement rings are a symbol of love and commitment. You are going to wear it all your life. For this reason, it should be unique and should match your personality and style.

Here are some stunning options for 2023 engagement rings.

  • Toi et Moi

French inspired Toe et Moi (you and me) is unique and very romantic which symbolize two people coming together as one.

  • Art Deco Engagement Ring

Art deco engagement rings are unqiue and timeless. It usually combination of contrasting colors and abstract designs.

  • Halo Styled Engagement Rings

Accoding to searches online, halo styled engagement rings are the most searched engagement ring style.

They are popular for years and they are here to stay.

Halo rings have a vintage inspired look. They make center diamonds look larger when clustered around them which is perfect for brides whose want something vintage and bold.

  • Unique Engagement Rings

Many brides don’t prefer to stick traditional ring shapes. From rubies to diamonds, brides decide their engagement ring type and go bolder.

  • Colored Gemstones

This trend is perfect for women who prefer something personal and unique. The gemstones naturally occurring in different shades.

  • Marquise Cut Engagement Rings

Marquise cutss are great choice for modern classic brides.

Marquis is French origin means nobleman, they were wearing diamonds to show of their status.

Today, marquise cut is in many different cut variations. The pear cut is very common.

Marquise cuts have unique shape which are long, narrow and pointed.

  • Geometric Cuts

These cuts are perfect for brides whose prefer something modern with vintage touch.

What is your favorite engagement ring cut? Do you prefer something traditional or modern? Let me know it below

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