Hello Angels,

In new year, we were very excited for 2020 because it was a new year, new decade. I don’t want to describe 2020 as a bad but it is challenging for all of us. It doesn’t matter which country you are from, we have a same problem, coronavirus.

Life started to become normal but still this virus exists and there is no permanent solution yet. At least lockdown is over also it is a good start.

2020 may not be perfect for now but it doesn’t mean that will continue in way. For example you can get a romantic proporsal.

According to news, lockdown has persuaded many couples cemen their commitment. I am happy to read that kind of news.

These days it is very normal to ring shop together for couples but I am a traditionalist and I prefer to surprise. I can only give hint to my boyfriend for a ring style.

Your partner should be aware of of many factors such as stone shape, setting styles and gemstones.

The engagement ring is important and should be something you will love and enjoy wearing every moment. Your engagement ring should be a reflection of your own style. From colored gemstones to vintage inspired designs, I would like to share the most lovely engagement rings.


Nothing is romantic like vintage styles. The antique rings always have highly ornate details. They look elegant and romantic. Plus, they are timeless so you can wear it any time period past, present or future.From Victorian era to Art Deco era, there are many styles to choose from.

Colored Gemstones

Thanks to Kate Middleton, colored stones are still very popular. Middleton’s sapphire is an inspiration for many women.

Halo Rings

Halo style rings are actually originated during the Victorian era. The stones that surorund the center cut is smaller now. Today, brides to be prefer add a little extra sparkle, no matter size of the diamond might be.

Rose Gold

Whether you are opting for a pear shaped or square, a rose gold band is a new trend to take on a classic engagement ring.

Oval Shaped

Oval diamonds are popular for years. Ovals are amazing because they are flattering and show their carat weight well.

Two Stone

It is also called Toi et Moi (that means you and me in French), a ring with two stones stands out from the crowd. Besides the twice bling, it has a romantic meaning: the two stones that sit side by side other and symbolize two souls becoming one.

Actually this trend is not new, it is based on Napoleon Bonaparte who famously put them on the map when he proposed to Josephine de Beauharnais with a diamond and sapphre ring.

Which is your favorite trend? What style should your partner choose? Let me know your thoughts below