Hello Angels,

Beauty isn’t about makeup or following latest trends. It is about taking care your health and skin. What are the secrets to have a flawless beauty?

Here are the rules for authentic beauty

  • Good quality moisturizer

A moisturizer is an essential for healthy skin.

  • Get 8 hours of sleep each night

It is important for glowy skin.Or body and skin regenerate at night. Lack of sleep cause dull skin and puffiness in under eye area.

  • Wear at least spf 30+ on your face

UVB rays damages the skin and cause sunburns. SPF creams protect the skin

  • Always take off your makeup before working out and sleep

Working out or going to bed with makeup causes pore clogger. Keeping make up remover next to your bed helps the have a healthy skin.

  • Eat healthy

Eating healthy has impact to our body and mental health. Especially the food with antioxidants keep our skin looking glowy and healthy.

  • Exfoliate

Your skin will be grateful.

  • Exercise

You don’t have to do high intensity exercises. You can get out for a 30 minute walk everyday. You can get some sunshine and feel more energic.

  • Take 20 minutes for yourself each day

Whether you watch something funny, meditate, read, etc. It is important to take some time yourself for relax

  • Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Cleansing of makeup sponges and brushes are essential to avoid dirt and bacteria.Wash them with a soap and dry them upside down.

  • Grooming Brows

I personally believe that ‘90s skinny brow trend doesn’t look good. A little grooming will be enough for beautiful look.

  • Be Happy with Yourself

It is cheesy but its true. If you don’t be happy with yourself, you will never feel beautiful. Make is fun but it’s not an essential for flawless look.

What are your beauty rules? Let me know below

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