Courtesy adds up to respect for yourself and it isn’t hard to display. As a 20 something girl, using proper etiquette is important because always important to be elegant, gracefull and sassy. These 10 tips will help you mind your manner.

Your mood shouldn’t affect your manner.

Even if you are having a bad day, you should always be polite because the people you are interacting with may not know this and they may take it out on them.

Even you feel bad, put a smile on your face and try to conduct the rest of your day. This might elevate your mood and make you feel better.

Dress Appropriately For Whatever The Occasion Is

Your clothes don’t have to be very expensive. The most important thing is your clothes should be appropriate, wrinkle free and fits you.


I believe that It is important for ladies. Only wearing elegant dress is not enough well-groomed look also your hands. It will look presentable before stepping out of your home.


Wearing chic clothes are not enough.Hygiene is everything for men and women. It means shower everyday and wearing clean clothes.

Make Up

Your make up doesn’t have to be heavy including contour, dark eyeshadows. If you really enjoy puting on makeup, than you can put on natural looking makeup. Poorly applied makeup looks very cheap.

Please and Thank You

Having good manners including say please and thank you even if you are asking for someone to pass you pepper will make you look classy.

Don’t Chew Your Food Loudly

Count Your Cocktails

You can’t always have to be on your best behavior but when you are at bar, you should be careful number of cocktails you have. You should your know limit because carried out of a by bouncers and friends is not nice.

Of course you are human sometimes alcohol may make you feel bad but you should be careful with people around. Because sometimes people may not have a good intention when helps you.

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