Hello Angels,

Have you ever head the term hair glaze?

From nail trends to makeup trends, recent years I have seen ‘glaze’ term so much.

Honesly, I love this trend. Our hair and skin looks healthy thanks to this technique.

Wondering what is hair glaze, how to apply and its benefits?

I made a research about hair glaze. In today’s post, I would like share everything about hair glaze.

What does hair glaze?

Hair glaze is a type of hair treatment. It adds extra shine and intense to freshly colored hair. It is kind a topcoat for hair.

People who have natural hair can also opt hair glaze. It makes natural hair look shiny and healthy.

Another benefits of hair glaze includes:

  • It doesn’t repair split ends but reduces them.

  • It makes hair dye last longer.

  • Hydrates the hair

How to apply hair glaze?

You can go to hairdresser for hair glaze treatment or can buy hair glazeproduct and apply at home.

Have you ever used hair glaze product? What do you think about hair glaze? Let me know it below

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