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Do you know everything about foundation?

When it comes to makeup, foundation is one of the must have products. Every women should have high quality foundation. The right formula can help blur imperfections, cover blemishes and correct your skin tone. This product is the base for your makeup look.

Before use a foundation, prepare your skin. Use a moisturizer befure makeup. Your makeup will look flawless otherwise your skin may look very dry.

How you apply your foundation is up to you. Most makeup artists use makeup sponge or brush. Even some of them apply with their hands. Everybody has own style. You should try all of them then decide it.

There are many various types of foundation. Here are the formulas you should know;

Liquid Foundation

  • They come in oil based and water based formulas.

  • It is easy to apply which is perfect for makeup beginners.

  • When worn for long hours, oil and sweat can make liquid foundation appear patchy.

Suitable Skin Types: Dry and oily

Coverage: Light, medium and full

Finish: Matte and Dewy

Cream Foundation

  • The cream foundations may crease hours later in case your skin is dry.

Suitable Skin Types: Dry

Coverage: Medium and full

Finish: Matte

Powder Foundation

  • Dry skin types should avoid using this tyoe of foundation because it is not able to fill the wrinkles and lines which are more visible on dry skin.

Suitable Skin Types: Dry and oily

Coverage: Light and medium

Finish: Matte and Dewy

Serum Foundation

  • This type of foundation is not very popular but they are perfect for oily skin. It has coverage and it has watery and thin formula which is easy to apply.

Suitable Skin Types: Oily

Coverage: Light, medium

Finish: Matte

Coverage types you should know;

  • Sheer: It is good for someone who only wants to correct their skin tone.

  • Medium: It will correct skin tone beside hide some imperfections.

  • Full: It will hide all blemishes and imperfections. Your skin will look flawless. Even some full coverage formulas hide tattoos.

Types of foundation finishes;

  • Natural: It is neither dewy or matte.The finish is very closely resembles your skin.

  • Matte: It is a good option for oily skin which creates shine free look.

  • Dewy: It is good option for dry skin which gives radiant and glowing look.

What types of foundation do you use? What is your favorite brand? Let me know below

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