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Recent years, peptides skincare products are very popular. Hailey Bieber’s beauty line Rhode’s peptide lip treatment made peptides products more popular than ever. Her product is winner of the 2022 Allure Best Beauty Award.

Popular peptides beauty products made me curious about benefits of peptides.  Besides from fashion, I love to try and learn new things about skincare, fitness, beauty and more. For this reason, I made some research about peptides and I want to share with you.

 What are peptides and why peptides products are very popular?

Peptides are amino acids that occur naturally in our skin which are building blocks of protein. Peptides are also connected with collagen. When we get older, our collagen production decreases. More specifically, collagen is made of polypeptide chains so adding peptides can boost our skin to make collagen.

Peptides can absorb into the skin. For this reason, they can be used by our body.

According to researches, peptides are not only good for our skin but also good for our hair, lip even muscle growth.

Peptides found in various foods like beans, lentils, fish. There are also creams, serums and face and hair masks which include peptides. These products can be used in our skin care, lip care and hair care routine. There are also peptides treatment in beauty clinics.

There are many reasons to include  peptides products into our beauty routine.

Here are some benefits of peptides;

  • Hydrate the skin

  • Reduce wrinkles

  • Improve skin barrier

  • Decrease inflammation

  • Give skin a natural glow

  • Makes hair thicker

  • Reduce hair loss

  • Improve hair growth

  • Hydrate the scalp and hair

  • Plumper and softer lips

Have you ever used peptides product? What do you think about them? Let me know it below

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