Hello Angels,

When I hear about fitness and health benefits of different types of workout, I try to learn everything about it.

Recent years, pole dancing became a very popular form of exercise. It is great way to embrace your inner sexiness and good excuse to workout.

There had a pole dancing class in my gym but I never tried it. I watched the class a few times and it seemed very difficult to me.

I don’t think to start a pole dancing class right now. There is no class in my gym at the moment and now I try to be better in yoga. If you are looking for new form of workout, you can consider to start pole dancing class.

In today’s post, I would like to share the things I discovered about pole dancing.

  • Helps you burn calories and lose weight

Pole dancing forces you to use almost every muscle in your body. When you move more and getting your heart rate up, your metabolism  will speed up which leads to burning more calories.

  • Reduces stress

Stress makes you feel depressed and anxious. Especially since 2020, many people suffer from stress due to pandemic.

A pole dancing may help you start endorphins which is a hormone associated with happiness.

  • Boost self confidence

Confidence is not only state of mind. Once your muscles strengthen and improve your posture, your confidence, you will start to walk and act more graciousness without noticing.

  • Help you sleep easier

Sleeping is important for our health. Unfortunately, many people in the world have a sleeping problem. Combination of regular workout and pole dancing will ensure you good night sleep.

  • Greater balance and flexibility

Pole dancing is all about flexibility and mobility. You will have better body awareness and it will  help you have a better balance.

Have you ever tried pole dancing? Let me know below

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