Hello Angels,

Two months ago I watched The Medici: Master of Florence series. It is an amazing series. I highly recommend you to watch it.

The series made me visit Florence again. I adore Florence and I visited the marvelous city so many times even day trip until 2020. After Covid, I couldn’t visit any Italian city. There are trains which takes only 1.30 hours from Rome. Until May, there had travel restrictions. Domestic travelling was prohibited except certain circumstances.

In the series, Renaissance women fashion and beauty inspired me. I started to wonder what is Renaissance women’s fashion and beauty standards. I started to do some research about it. In today’s post I would like to share everything about Renaissance women.

  • Pale Skin

During the Renaissance,the ideal beauty included features  the pale skin and blonde hair. The pale skin was considering beautiful and healthy looking. If woman was not naturally have pale skin, there were a many ways by which they could achieve this look. The compounds were quite dangerous to their health. Over time, the compounds often contributed many health problems.

One of the  Renaissance recipe for pale skin is raw egg and vinegar. First apply raw eggs to the face as a primer then mix vinegar and mix together to make a thick and apply as a foundation to the face and neck. Renaissance women were also using blue paint and a thin brush to apply thin veins.

  • Rosy Cheeks and lips

Even though pale skin was desired, Renaissance women were still applying color on their cheekbones.

One of their recipe was mix lead based powder with mercury. Sometimes they are appyling also their chests to draw attention to their bust.

  • Blonde Hair

In Renaissancee, blonde hair was preferable. One of the recipe for blonde hair is mixture of lemon, yellow plants and they were washing their hair with this mixture.

  • Beauty Marks and Beauty Patches

Artificial beauty marks and beauty marks were most used in order to hide pimples.

Apply foundation in the lightest color that looks good on your skin

Use loose powder to set foundation

Apply lipstick in dark shade of red. The darker your lip color, your skin will appear more pale.

Apply a thin line of eyeliner to your eyelids

Apply eyeshadow which closely match your skin tone.

Renaissance Fashion

  • Fashion was a part of displaying status in the weathier families.

  • During the Renaissance, women wore gown tight fitting bodice and a fuller skirt.

  • Exposing of the neckline was acceptable.

  • Upper class was wearing heavy clothes which was restricting movement for the wearer. Lower class women unfortunately didn’t able affard so their outfit’s fabric were sheepskin, wool or linen.

  • Silk, velvet and brocade were the fabrics of upper class.

  • Women of the lower class wore more loose clothes for movement because they did not have servants to help them dress.

  • Capes were very popular during Renaissance

  • Renaissance Women Body Shape

  • Women who were considered to be beautiful typically had long hair and wide hips.

  • Fuller figure often linked to wealth because of the lack of labor, many people were not able to consume food.

  • Aside from wealth, wide hips often considered an indicator for signs of fertility.

Create a Renaissance Look

  • Renaissance women were using hair accessories such as cap. You can opt hair clippers, headbands or hair bows.

  • We are in 2021 so gowns can be worn only formal events. You can opt for something with decollete and complete your look with cape.

  • Richer colors were popular among upper class because dying a fabric was an expensive procedure. Bright reds, purples, etc were significance of wealth.

  •  You can opt fabrics such as silk or velvet in winter time in bright color such as purple.

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