Hello Angels,

We are living in a busy world. Most of people overwhelmed because of a million things to do. It seems like there are not enough hours in the day to get it all done. For this reason, most people have rush. I am one of them. I always rush and fit things to do in one day (even they are not urgent). I realized that I am always in a hurry.

Last year, I started to see zen principles and habits. I started to research about it and I discovered amazing things. I realized that the solution to hurry and overwhelmed is just the opposite: I should go slower and do less.

I tried mindfulness and meditation many times and I stopped a few days or weeks later. End of the last year, I decided to apply them into my life permanently and started to focus on them.

Zen habits are very useful for happy and calm life. In today’s post I would like to share everything about zen.

What is Zen?

Zen is a sec of Buddhism.

Zen habits

  • Prepare the night before

To start your day calm, you should prepare the night before.Tidy up your house and write the things you should do next day so when you wake up you will not have to concentrate tasks of the day and you will see clean and organized house. You will have enough time to spend calm and happy morning.

  • Do one thing at time

In order to make your day zen;

  • Identify the most important things that needs to get done urgently

Pick important items you will work on once you are done with the most urgent one.

  • Move slowly

Instead of rushing, take your time and move slowly. Make your atiıns deliberately. I was the one who was in hurry all the time but now I really started to move slowly. All you need to practice.

  • Meditation

Meditation is an essential zen habit. You should slow down your mind ,cleanse the negative energy and be in the moment.

  • Mind cleanse

We don’t realize how much outside affects the state of our minds. From our associations with people, relationships and environments to forms of media such as television and text such as books.

A mind cleanse is all about taking each of those categories and reducing the bad ones to cleanse or mind.

Determine the negative people in your environement you engage with, tv shows or movies you watch, social networks you spending you time and the books you read.

You may need a few days for it. When you determine themi replace them with the good ones. For example read the books make you feel good and surrend yourself with people who are positive and loving.

  • Rituals

You should have rituals to give your entire attention. You should be done slowly and correctly.  Your ritual can be mindful eating, preparing food or drawing.

  • Treat yourself

There are many ways you can spoil yourself. Discover the activities that you enjoy and find relaxing and incorporate into your everyday routine. This can be anything from drinking coffee or cooking.

  • Declutter

It is one of the zen lifestyle. Decluttering is a removing items that not longer serve you. A zen home is a tidy and clean home.

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