Hello Angels,

Gyms are suspended since October 2020 and there is a lockdown until April 6 in Italy. I don’t know if gyms are going to open in April.

Since last year, our routines changed.  We can’t go to movies, meet the loved ones or have a nice dinner at restaurant.

Even daily activities such as going for a walk for jogging is limited right now.

I love to for a a walk and love to go to gym so much. When gyms are suspended, I was really sorry.

Sometimes bad thing can lead a good thing. I had a same routine in gym but when I started to exercise at home, I discovered effective and fun workout videos on Youtube. I was following some fitness stars on Instagram but I never followed their exercise program or never followed their exercise videos on Youtube.

Last October I decided to give a try and I loved it. I still miss my gym and miss to walk around Trevi Fountain, Villa Borghese, etc… but these videos are amazing for a nice body shape and keep you active during a lockdown at home.

Luckily, there are plenty of exercises to try and you dont even need an equipment.

Especially these days we should be more active at home. It makes our immunity stronger and releases endorphins that make us feel calm. These hormones are help us cope with street during these difficult days.

Here are the small tips to be active at home;

  • Even in small spaces, walk. For example, ı talk on the phone so much and I walk around the house while I talk.

  • Every 30 minutes stand up and walk around the hour.

  • You can do some cleaning or tidy up your home as a physical activity.

Recent months, I had discovered many videos and fitness stars on Youtube. Some of them prepare weekly program to follow. My favorite Youtube channels to follow are;

How do you stay active during lockdown? What is your favorite fitness Youtube channel? Let me know below

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