Hello Angels,

September means beginning of autumn. I love every season and I am excited for new month, new season. But there are many people who suffer from seasonal affective disorder. It is a type of depression that starts in the late autumn or winter. Some people start to feel tired, sad and lonely in the beginning of autumn.

According to some researches, shorter days, less sunlight affects to our mood. Stress and genetics also play a role in depression.

Weather is amazing until november in Italy but some countries start to become cold in early september.

The best way to conquer seasonal depression and enjoy autumn fullest is morning and evening routines. Until two years ago, I was very stressed not because of the weather but other things. I created morning and evening routine for myself and I adapted them into my life. First days were difficult and I quited many times later I adapted them automatically.

Every day I wake up with motivation and I finish my day inspired and happy.

Yesterday I sharest the best fall morning routines which you can implement to create perfect morning and today I would like to share best fall evening routine for end a day in positive mood.

Fall Evening Routine

The end of each day is just as important as the beginning of the day. By implementing evening routines, you ready yourself physically and mentally for the next morning.

  • Have a Healthy Dinner

Have your dinner a few hours before you go to bed.Overeating or having meal around bedtime may lead discomfort.

  • Be Tidy

Being in an organized place will help you feel motivated and relaxed. You should take a time for washing dishes  and put things away if you have used them.

  • Prepare For Tomorrow

Determine your goals, objectives for the next day. It is a great routine that will keep your goals in the front of your mind and help you focused on next day.

  • Reflect On Your Day

Consider what goals achive and didn^t achieve today. This helps you realize your accomplishments and motivate you for a better tomorrow.Acknowledge thnigs you wish had gone better.

  • Cut Off All Screens At Least One Hour before Bed

The blue light from eletronics cause insomnia. Instead of spending time on the phone, you can read a book. Only five minutes of reading eases stress and calm you.

  • Gratitude

Think or write down at least three things yu are grateful for each day. Making gratitude a part of life, routine can help you have a happy life.

  • Take Care of Your Skin

Wash your face with a cleaning gel, use rose water or tonic and finish your beauty ritual with a nice moisturizer and a nice face oil like hyaluronic acid. It will boost your mood instantly and make you look healthy and young.

Do you have an evening routine? What do you do before sleep? Let me know below