Hello Angels,

Okay, yes, I am fully aware that fall makes many people make sad and it is hard to accept that summer is over. While 2020 will go down as one of the most difficult and unpredictabe years of our life. But doesn’t mean that you will not take of your hair or body.

New season comes with the irresistible trends. Salons are reopened for months but according to hairstylists people are leaning towards styles that are low maintenance.

When you choose your fall looki take into consideration whether you keep haircare routine minimal. I personally prefer to keep my natural because I was my hair everyday and I style it.

I recommend choose styles that you can style yourself.

Here are the biggest fall 2020 hairstyle trends.

Bob Haircut

Be prepared to see a lot of bob cut this season.

Visible Roots

Beyonce’s rotted look is an amazing natural look. It can be easily achieved by colorist.

Vivid Highlights

Instead of natural, fine lines, this fall vivid highlights are very popular.

Baby Braids

From fashion trends to hair trends, ‘90s aren’t going away in 2020. They are just updated.

Messy Bun

Meghan Markle’s signature messy bun trend continues. Use hairspray before brushing it back into a bun.

Raven Black

Heavily blended colors replaced by simpler ones like raven black. It is easy to maintain.


Part voluminous, part slicked back, these dual textured ponytails are one of the biggest trends right now. You should brush to brush out for volume and you need a gel and  comb to slick your hair into a low ponytail.

Caramel Highlights

This fall biggest trend yo are going to see in bright caramel highlights.

One Length Cut

Long, one length cut is popular now because it is virtually no maintenance required and this look.

Messier Bangs

The lockdown hair struggle was real for anyone with bangs. This year long, messy and copped bangs are very popular so you don’t need to rush to the salon to have trimmed bang.

Chocolate Tones

Warm chocolatery tones are perfect for fall. If you prefer brigter looki you can choose light chocolate brown.