Hello Angels,

This fall is all about color. From fashion accessories to ready to wear, everything is colorful this fall.

As you know me, I generally prefer to wear outfits in black or neutral. Nowadays, I started to use colorful eyeliners, accessories and nail polishes. In summer, I pick colorful tops and print dresses but in winter time I only stick to three or four colors. This fall is  perfect opportunity to add color for people who sticks to same colors like me.

As the leaves begin to change, you may start to make changes to your wardrobe but don’t forget to change your beauty look, too.

One of my favorite thing is spice up my nail polish collection for pumpkin spice season. Whether you are looking for a classic red for a date night or cinnamon shade for a spooky movie night, I have rounded the best fall nail polish colors of 2020.

Light Grey

Light grey nail polish looks amazing and nowadays Butter London’s grey nail polish is my favorite. I highly recommend it.

Butter London – Warm Fuzzies Patent Shine 10x Nail Lacquer

Deep Navy

Depp navy is perfect for women who uses traditional black nail polish. When it comes to fall, many of us tend to wear darker nail polish tones and navy is dark but more positive than a black.

Essie’s Caviar Bar is one of the best deep navy color.

Forest Green

I personally believe that green and summer colors are for summer but this year green is a refreshing switch up from burnt oranges of the season. Especially the shimmery greens are perfect for a festive season.

Essie’s Heart of the Jungle nail polish seems promising. Last time I used green nail polish when I was in high school and I believe that this year I am going to add green in my fall nail polish collection.

Bright White

I never used white nail polish but this year I am willing to add white nail polish in my nail polish collection. White reminds me snow season. If you are still not ready to embrace the cold, you can use white nail polish.

Recommendation: Zoya – Snow White


Nude nails are timeless. Especially the dark beige shade fits perfectly to every outfit.

Recommendation: OPI – Pale to the Chief

Burnt Orange

Burnt orange is a perfect color for pumpkin spice season. OPI’s Have Your Panettone and Eat it Too is a perfect color to feel pumpkin spice and bring a little Italy to your nails.

What is your favorite nail polish trend? Let me know it below