Hello Angels,

From romantic bouquets to traditional bouquets, brides have tons of options when it comes to choosing bouquets. What is the best, trendy flower for a wedding bouquet? The answer comes down to personal preference. There is no best flower option because everybody has different style and you should choose the flower that speaks to you.

But there are some flowers you may want to avoid. Such as hellebores because tend to wilt quickly. Poppies’ pollen can stain your dress.

Bridal bouquets complete the wedding dress so there  are the second most important part of the bride’s wedding outfit.

Imagine yourself walking a large, glamorous garden with every flower at its peak. Which flowers would you prefer for your wedding? Something colorful or neutral?

Today I would like to share the most popular fall wedding bouquets.

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas have delicate fragrance and lovely ruffly romatic petals. You can tied with silk ribbon for romantic bridal bouquet look.

Sweet peas are available in tones of different colors, from pink to burgundy.


It means marital happiness in Victorian. A bouqueat of stephanotis is one of the most traditional bridal bouquet. It is available all year long.


Hydrangeas represents vanity in the Victorian language. With its full bushy head and instese shades of blue, purple, pink and burgundy make this flower lovely.


Peonies are perfect choice with their romantic, ruffled petals for a romantic bridal bouquet. They are available in tones of beautiful colors from shades of ping to white.


Tulips are representing happy years and consuming love. You can find in wide range of hues including vibrant shades  like purple and pastel tones. You can find them all year long. French tulips and parrot tulips are the popular ones.

Lilies of the Vally

They known for lovely scent. It has been featured in the bridal boqueats of royal brides such as Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton.


Roses are symbol of beauty and love. Moran than 3,000 different roses available year around. Garden roses, spray roses and hybrid roses are the most popular wedding flowers.

What is your favorite bridal bouquet? Let me know below