Hello Angels,

Sweat in style.

With bikini season over, the weather makes us to wear biggest and coziest items. Weather in Rome is amazing but mornings and nights require a jacket or sweatshirt.

As much as we started to layer up, this is not an excuse to gain extra weight due to delicious chocolate cakes, pizza and pumpkin spice lattes.  While foods are delicious and sometimes we should indulge ourselves but it must be balanced out with exercise.

Autum- Winter time most of people are prone to skip workout and eat high calorie foods. If you are one of them, you need some extra motivation to exercise.

While a healtier and toned body might be enticing but there is really nothing like a fashionable workout clothes to inspire you to up your workout routine.

If you exercise at gym, you can still wear tank tops and shorts but if you exersice at outside, it is time to wear fashionable warmer workout clothes .

Here are the best fall 2020 workout outfit ideas


If you are a shorts wearer, it is time to switch to leggings as temperatures cool down. You can prefer cropped ones.


Headband can cover your ears for a protection against to freezing wind on an outdoor exercise.


Sweatshirt is an essential. If you are not sure about the weather, you can tied around your waist.

Denim Jacket

Throw a denim jacket over your fall workout outfit for a stylish comfortable daytime look.


Make a gym look pop with a stylish pair of sunglasses.

Adding a pair of sunglasses

Long Sleeve Shirt

If weather is not very cold, you can wear it as a sweatshirt but if weather is freezing, you can wear as layer under a jacket.

Two in One Shorts and Pants

Wearing running shorts over leggings keeps you warm and provides extra coverage.