Hello Angels,

We are in sweater weather right now. Most of women lose the desire of wearing chic clothes during fall/winter  because of the freezing weather. Staying cozy becomes priority than looking chic. You can stay cozy while look sophisticated. You only need right pieces.

I belive that Fall is all about creativity. I is all about figuring out how to layer without looking dull.

Fashion rules are changing. Recent years, transitional looks reign the fashion world. Mixing and matching pieces from various seasons look very lovely (if you do it well).

Not sure where to begin? Start by incorporating a lightweight summer dress with boots. For colder weather, you can wear knit sweater with a miniskirt and knee high boots.

When I was at university, one of my favorite combination was black bodycon dress with huge sweater and boots.

The key to building a chic cold weather wardrobe starts with pieces convenient for layering.

In today’s post, I would like to share styling tips for fall 2021.

  • Trench Coat

Every woman should have trench coat in their wardrobe. You can pair it with denim, ballerina shoes and t-shirt.

  • Long Sleeve Dresses

Summer is for sleveless dresses and Fall is all about long sleeve dresses. You can opt mini, midi or maxi long sleeve dress and complete your loo with a leather jacket and a pair of boots.

  • Stripes

Stripes are timeless and look stylish. You can pair stripe top with a pair of jeans.

  • Knit Top

You can pull a look togetther with a knit top in a neutral shade like beige.

  • Boots

If you are not ready to say goodbye to summer, you can wear your summer dresses with boots. Your outfit will not look weather confused.

  • Sequin Skirt

One of my favorite thing about today’s fashion is we can wear sequins whenever we want. You can wear your favorite sequin dress with button down shirt.

  • Slip Dress

If you adore slip dress, you can continue to wear during fall with the right incorporation. You need a cardigan to complete your look. Cardigan will give an extra warmth and cool look.

  • Thick Sweater Dress/ Tops

I love them so much. You can wear thick sweater top with skirts and shorts and complete your look with boots.

A thick dress is amazing with belt and a pair of boots.

What is your favorite styling tip for Fall 2021? Let me know it below

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