Hello Angels,

Fall arrived which means colder weather and shorter days. I welcome every season with joy because I love all of them.

Some people affect negative way from season changing. Instead of to see negative sides of fall, you can focus on all of the positive things that the new season has to offer.

Fall provides some opportunities for self care ideas and there is no better way to face those changes than with a self care activities.

While the holday season is ahead of us, It is a perfect season for reflection and gratitude.

Fall self care is all about to be grateful and get cozy. Your self care routine should include the things make you feel healthy, happy and energized. I guarentee that these small daily tasks have huge impact on our lives.

In today’s post I would like to share Fall self care ideas to pamper yourself and keep yourself happy.

  • Decorate your home for fall

Give your home a joyful fall makeover. You can add fall scented candles

  • Warm Drinks

Whether it is a hot chocolate, coffee or tea, but sensation of holding a warm cup in our hands on a cold days are an amazing.

Take your drink, sit somewhere quiet, take a breath and relax with your drink.

  • Spend Some Time Outside

Depending on where you live but in Italy weather is perfect for spending some time outside. Out on your jeans and sweater and head outdoors. You can do fall photo shoot. Fall offers vibrant colors for great pictures.

  • De-clutter

We spend usually more time inside in fall time and it is a perfect time for de-clutter. You can check oll your wardrobes and donate or throw away the things you don’t use anymore.

  • Fall Exercise Routine

You should prioritize exercise. You can walk 30 minutes a day, stretch or plan some physical activities that can be done indoor. If you don’t go to gym, there are a lot of sources dor exercise such as Instagram and Youtibe videos.

  • Cook/Bake Healthy Food

Baking/cooking is a way to express your creativity. Especially when you cook healthy food, you feel physically and mentally better. According to studies, cooking/baking reduce stress. Who can resist fall classics like pumpkin pie or apple pie?

  • Gratitude

Gratitude is a quick and effective way to shift our mood away from stress and problems and focus on good things in our lives. We all tend to notice negative things but gratitude make us notice our blessings and strengths. You can gratitude every morning or night before go to sleep.

  • Make a Vision Board

Making a vision board is relaxing and perfect way to keep your eyes on your goals and dreams.

  • Aromatherapy

Put a few drops your favorite essential oil in the diffuser and enjy the soothing while working or before sleep.

What is your favorite self care idea for Fall? Let me know it below

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