Hello Angels,

Fall/Winter 2021-2022 color trends are not expected colors of the cold season. There is a common sense that winter colors are darker and summer colors are lighter. This season, everything is different than usual.

After Covid-19, fashion world is craving for bold and vibrant colors. Metallic colors, sequins are some of the key trends for this season.This season fashion world guarentee glitter all day and night.

It is time to add new colors in your wardrobe such as bright yellow dress and pink gloves.

I love this season’s trends. It is a perfect way to boost our mood. I don’t prefer to wear vibrant colors so much but I love to incorporate with the neutral colors. For example black dress with pink handbag or yellow scarf.

Playing with colors so much fun and you can start to create your own looks. One of the best thing about this season is there are no rules of combining colors. You can combine unexpected colors such as blue and emerald green. Forget the rules of the color and create your own color rules.

However, if you consider bright colors are so bold and intense, don’t worry you can still opt classic colors like me. All you need to buy some bright colored accessory. They are secure way to have fun with colors without worrying.

In today’s post, I would like to share popular colors to try this season.

  • Shades of Red

Red tones are timeless and adds romance to winter.

  • Creamy Yellow

If you find bright yellow bold for winter, you can opt creamy yellow. It is a pale hue which looks lovely and stylish.

  • Green

If you prefer less vibrant color tone, you can try olive branch green. It is a classic neutral color.

My workout clothes were always in classic colors such as black and grey and I opted olive branch green first time two years ago. First I hesitated to wear it but now it is one of my favorite color.

  • Metallics

From shimmering gold to silver, this year metallics are irresistibly popular. When I wear metallics, I always complete my look with classic toned accessories.

  • Cream

Many people hesitate to wear during fall/winter but I find very sophisticated this color. It is versatile and pairs well with   anything.

  • Fuchsia

Fuscsia is a bright and vibrant color which stands out from the crowd. It is a versatile and fun color which is worth to wear it.

  • Midnight Blue

I love this color so much which straddling the line between classic black and deep navy blue.

  • Lavender

It is a romantic color which reminds me floral bouquet. You can pair it with purple or white color.

  • Purple

It is a luxurious color shade which is popular for years. From dresses to skirts, purple look amazing.

What is your favorite color for Fall/winter 2021/2022? Let me know it below

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