Hello Angels,

The new nail trends will make you shop right now.

Fall/winter seasons are not the best time of the year for many people ( cold, rain, etc.). But you can make one of the best time for yourself with trends.

Fall/winter nail colors can be fun. Keep scrolling to discover all the nail trends for this season.


Pastels are not for only springtime. You can add some jewel tones during fall/winter. Whether you paint in pink or blue, the options are endless.

French Tips

The 2000s trend is back which means French tips are trendy agai but not the classic white tip ones. Add some glitter or fun color. Especially gold tipped ones are really lovely.

Nude Nail Polish

Nude nail polishes are timeless and they are going to be around all fall/winter long. I haven’t used it for years but this year, I decided to opt again.


Red nail color is timeless. From deep bordeaux to cherry, there are many red shades to try.

Gilded Nails

From clothes to nail polish, this season everything will be all about glitter. You can use gilded nail polish even for casual look.

Mix of Matte and Glossy Nails

It is going to be one of the biggest trend for 2021.You can create ombre look. In festive time, you can opt red nail polish shades for a extra festive look.


Brown nail polish was trendy last year but it hadn’t got the love it deserved. From tan to chocolate brown, they look cool and lovely.


Yellow is a very unexpected color for fall/winter but trends are changing and birght colors are not only for spring/summer anymore.

 Recent years, vibrant colors are very popular in winter time to fell cheerful during cold days.

What is your favorite nail trend? Let me know it below

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