Hello Angels,

Small details always have a huge impact.   This year clothes are simple but accessories are bold. Accessories are great way to add elegance, color and fun. This season has a lot of lovely trends to inspire. As fall arrived, new trends officially emerged on stores. You can buy now and complete your look with these lovely accessories.

In today’s post, I would like to share fall/winter 2022-2023 accessory trends.

  • Layered Belts

This year layered belts will one of the biggest accessory trend. You can wear them into skirts or dresses.

  • Sculpted Jewelry

From necklaces to bangles, sculpted jewelry is sophisticated and cool.

  • Oversized Earrings

This year oversize chunky earrings will be popular all Fall and Winter long. You can spice up simple outfit with bold earrings.

  • Gemstone Detailed Socks

You can complete your simple short, skirt or dress with gemstoned detailed socks. These socks are stylish and cool.

  • Caps

American baseball cap will continue to popular this year. You can find them in many colors and styles.

  • Heart Shaped Bags

This season we are going to see a lot of heart shaped bags. These look very cute and lovely.

  • Evening Gloves

Evening gloves are popular since last year. Historical tv series like Bridgerton made evening gloves popular again. These are lovely accessories to add some glamour. You can match them with your dress.

  • Fringe Accessories

From necklaces to earrings to belts, fringe will be very popular.

  • Chokers

Chokers were statement accessory a few yeats ago. This year their popularity will rise again. You can wear as multi layered strands.

  • Oversize Totes

These bags are very comfortable and stylish. You can fit everything.

What is your favorite Fall/Winter 2022-2023 accessory trend? Let me know it below

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