Hello Angels,

Fashion and colors link with each other since history. Especially in ancient times, color of the outfit was revealing your status.

Every color has different psychology (I have a blog series about colors. You can read from here.). For example red is known as color of love and passion.

Even seasons associated with certain colors. Fall always associated with neutral shades colors like brown and Spring is associated with pastel color shades.

Especially in recent years, big changes have started in fashion world. Sneakers became wardrobe staple and bright colors became Fall/Winter colors.

In today’s post, I would like to share colors which are going to be popular during Fall/Winter 2022-2023.

  • Shades of Brown

Brown is known as color of Fall. Despite the fact that bright colors are popular this year, brown will keep its place.

  • Blue

Blue and its shades are going to be popular during this Fall and Winter. You can opt blue shades like aqua. Blue look amazing with neutral colors like beige.

  • Barbiecore

Hot pink color associated with Barbie. This season there are going to be a lot of hot pink outfits. Pink is romantic color and it is cute to wear during Fall and Winter.

  • Veri Peri

Pantone picked Veri Peri (which is a purple) as a color of the year and it is going to be everywhere during Fall and Winter. Designers like Bottega Veneta used Veri Peri in their Fall/Winter 2022-2023 collection.

  • Green

Green is going to be very popular during Fall and Winter 2022-2023. Recent days, one of my favorite green shade is basil which is a soft – pale green. If you are not sure how to wear vibrant green, you can opt pale green shades like basil.

What is your favorite color for Fall/Winter 2022-2023? Let me know it below.

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