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The skirts are essential items for women which is elegant and comfortable for all occasions. In today’s fashion world, we can find in different variations, designs and fabric.

Here are some skirt types and their styles.

  •  A Line Skirt

An A line skirt draws the attention to the waistline. It is narrow at the top and a wider at the bottom look like the capital letter A. It has variations in the form of gypsy, panelled and godet skirt

Christian Dior is the first person who used the A- line collection for his collection of Spring-Summer 1955.

You can wear in calf lenght, knee length and ankle lenght. Especially It is a suitable for all types of body types.


  • Accordion Pleated Skirt

In 1880’s dancer Loie Fuller introduced accordion pleated skirt (skirt dancing) It is a full circle skirt with narrow pleats which looks like a narrow skirt but reality is the pleats allow for free movement. It is a suitable for all body types.

The name accordion comes from the musical instrument of the same name ‘an accordion’. Because when the fabric is spread open, it is look like an accordion instrument.


  • Draped Skirt

It draped at the waist and gives an slimming effect. The lenghts are above knee length and knee lenght. It is a nice choice for slim women, small busted women and hourglass shaped women.


  • Mermaid Skirt

The mermaid skirt is a long skirt which is similar to a mermaid’s tail by fitting from waist to knees. It flares out from the knees to the floor. It draws attention to your hips.

You can wear in calf length and ankle lenght. It is a suitable for hourglass shaped women.


  • Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is lengthen from the waist to beneath the knees or down to mid calf. Generally made from stretchy material. It is a straight and narrow cut.

Christian Dior introduced pencil skirt in his 1954 Autumn- Winter Collection. It draws attention to your hips. It is a good choice for hourglass shaped women.


  • Mini Skirt

Mini skirt is shorter than knee length, generally at mid-thigh level. It became popular in 1960’s. A Parisian Andre Courrèges and Welsh designer Mary Quant are the one who took credit for the miniskirt.

It a suitable choice for apple shaped women.

It is a rectangular piece of fabric that you wrap around lower body. It is a good choice for all body types.

The dress is popular as a costume in a ballet performance but Carrie Bradshaw ( Sex and the city character) paved its way into the fashion world.

The lenghts are knee length and above knee length. It is a best choice for pear shaped and hourglass shaped women.

What is your favorite skirt type? Let me know below

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