Hello Angels,

If you desire to study fashion design, drawing is very important at university. Before I start to study fashion design, I went to drawing course for preparation. I didn’t draw in my life until the drawing course so I wasn’t good enough.

One of the most difficult things at university were fashion drawing and illustration. Most of my friends graduated from art school or they took course a year ago. I went to course only for four months and it was not enough for an university.

When I applied to my university, they said my drawing doesn’t have to be good because there will  be drawing class for beginners.

When I start to university, everything was completely different. Professors were giving sewing and drawing class for beginners but they were expecting a lot of things. It was very stressful for me.

If you really desire to study fashion design and the university you apply say that you don’t need to be good at drawing and sewing, don’t trust. At least one year before, take courses for drawing, illustration and sewing.

Before I go to drawing course, I was believing drawing is a talent and only talented people can draw. When I began to course, I understood that the key for good drawing is a lot practice. Yes, some people talented but if you really want to draw professionally, a lot of practicing is the key.

End of the university, my drawing was really improved but after graduation, I quit drawing for one year.

I am drawing constantly more than one year and I see a lot of improvement.

Universities expect traditional drawing and knowledge of software programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator but in future, you can design your collection with software programs such as Digital fashion pro.

If you are traditional person and prefer hand drawing, I would like to share some tips by steps

  • Understand body anatomy

Before draw a croquis, understand body proportions, posture and natural movements.

Once you have the knowledge of body proportions, practice sketching different poses.

Practice and try different styles and techniques to find your personal touch. It takes a lot of training. Don’t be stressed. You will draw amazing things and you will find your style.

  • Create a croquis

A crouquis is the basic drawing of a model pose that you can use over and over again while designing clothes. You can create your own croquis or find in books or online.

  • Practice

Don’t pressure yourself for a perfect drawing. When you stress over, you lose your motivation. I pushed myself so hard and I quited drawing many times.

After create or find the croquis, draw over and over. Practicing is the key. Put some music, grap your coffee and practice.

  • Illustration

Everybody has different style of illustration. Some people prefer colored pencils, watercolors even some illustrate via software program.

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