Hello Angels,

Going on holiday? I guess you have already picked a place and start to prepare a wardrobe. Did you plan your travel style? L ooking nice everywhere is important. While traveling it can be difficult but you can do it.

Celebrities are an inspiration for this. Many people think celebrities’ travel look is unattainable. If you break down the elements of their outfits, you will find that they are stylish, simple and comfortable. The most beatiful part is, you probably have most of the main pieces.

I love Victoria Beckham’s and Eva Longoria’s airport style. You can check out your favorite celebrities’ airport look for inspiration.

Here are some stylish casual ideas for summer airport outfits.


I often pick dress and complete my look with ballerina flats or sandals. Especially  black dress is my favorite and I highly recommend it.

A black dress perfect combination of fashion and comfy. It never goes out style. It is versatile so you can easily transform it with jewelry.

Take a Huge Bag

I have always a lot of things to carry such as phone battery, my laptop, sunglasses, some makeup and etc.

I need a lot of space so I take a huge bag that has everything in one spot.

I am sure that many of you carry a lot of things like me so buy something simple but stylish and lightweight. Because bags with hardware such as chains can be heavy and you want to travel light.

Take a Shawl

Sometimes airplanes can be freezing so always bring big shawl or light wrap. You can use it as a blanket or layer it over your top.

Shorts or Jeans

Short and jeans are the best garments for creating comfy and stylish travel look. I prefer shorts because I don’t feel comfortable in jeans.

If you prefer jeans, you can wear it with simple t-shirt and ballerina flats or sneakers.

Denim shorts are perfect with white shirt. You can complete your look with sneakers or lace up flats.

You can wear hat for a sexy look.


I personally don’t prefer skirt as a travel outfit but some of them are very comfortable. You can pick maxi skirt with t-shirt and complete your look with simple flats.

Which celebrities’ style do you prefer? What do you prefer to wear at airports? What is your favorite travel style?

Let me know below

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