Hello Angels,

When it comes to fashion, no matter how many clothes we have in our wardrobe, it seems as if we have nothing to wear. There are many reasons to feel like this. Some of the reasons are;

  • Shopping in the wrong stores

  • Don’t know her fashion style

  • Don’t use accessories properly

  • Don’t know how to accentuate their best features

With some fashion hacks you can create stylish looks without stressed.

In today’s post I would like to share these fashion hacks.

  • Don’t buy random clothes

You should know your body type and fashion style . When you have whole outfit in your head, including accessories, you will be aware what you should buy and shouldn’t buy. When you enter the store and getting a new top, dress, etc. ask yourself if it is suits your style. Sometimes we like an item which doesn’t suits our style or we don’t have something to wear this particular item with.

  • Combine basic items with trendy items.

Timeless basics such as leather jacket and jeans are a wardrobe essentials. They can be combined with almost anything. Adding trends to your timeless basics is a great way to keep your style stylish and fresh.

  • Use Pinterest for an inspiration

Pinterest is a nice source to discover what you really like. Pin everything you really like and create stylish looks for yourself.

  • Accessorize

One little accessory can complete lift even a boring dress.

Belt is an essential accessory. You can accentuate your waist and create feminine look.

  • Knot your tops

If you create a feminine look, you can grab your oversize top, old it up in the back, gather the leftover fabric in the front and twist the section until it forms a spiral. Then wrap it around the ball and pull the end piece.

  • Mix different styles, colors and textures

Tasteful mixtures can cause coolest looks. For example wearing a tulle skirt with a sneakers can create comfy and romantic look. You can add some color to your classic look or you can mix casualn and formal pieces such as simple t-shirt with a sequin skirt.

  • Wear jacket

A jacket is an amazing item to create effortlessly stylish look.They are versatile and wear it with almost anything.

What is your favorite fashion hack? Let me know it below

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