The jeans trend pop up every year. Jeans were working clothes, then symbols of liberty and it’s a fashion items now.

History Of Jeans

Levi Strauss didn’t invent but he is the originator of most iconic garment in the history, jeans. When he introduced different models of jeans (such as jeans with pockets), women ‘s fashion was focused on the bustle silhouette.

During the World War I, women had to work in labor to fulfill the duties of men. When they were working in these intensive jobs, they wore their husband’s trousers including Levi’s Jeans for comfy.

In that times women’s pants were largely unaccepted but Levi’s knew that one day jeans will become classification of ‘workwear’ to become fashionable garment in every woman’s wardrobe and he created first line jeans (known as Lady Levi’s) for women in 1934.

During World War II, American women were again started to work for fulfill the duties of men. End of the war, jeans became more acceptable in America.

Also the war changed Western culture. The women had to work there too that’s why western culture accepted jeans garment easily.

In the 1960, beginning of the hippie age, youth movement embraced blue jeans. They personlized their jeans. Stone washing, patches, bright colors were the hip jeans trends. Also double denim made it’s first appearance as a fashion trend.

When sartorial codes and gender stereotypes changed, jeans started to be worn almost every part of the world. Levi’s exported his popular jeans worlwide.

In the 1960’s, French Designer Andre Courrèges created jeans line for women which is leading to the era of designer jeans.

The 1980’s designer jeans became a symbol including Calvin Klein. Brooke Shields starred in the Calvin Klein jean campaign. Her famous commercial saying is ‘ Nothing comes between me and my Calvins’

In 1980’s new cuts and styles started take a place in the stores. The styles such as skinnier leg cuts, ripped, acid wash jeans.

The Twenty-First Century

In the early 2000’s ultra low rise jeans are the star of the era. Britney spears popularized this style.

I think jeans are the unique garment as embraced and loved in all over the world. Most of the women think that jeans are sexy and comfortable. When I examine the whole world’s fashion, I see that almost half the population wear jeans almost any occasions ( at work, at university, date night)

Today, jeans tecnology and sector has improved. Many denim brands are dominating fashion market.

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