We live in a world where trends come and go. But there are some trends which come back such as slip dresses.

Nineties are over since about 19 years and 1990’s are having another moment in the fashion world. The best part is wearing a slip dress during a day is possible now.

I love slip dresses very much because it makes you feel feminine and easy to wear.

Here are 5 ways to wear the slip dress

With Sandals

Keep it simple and cool. Go for a basic slipdress with spaghetti straps and complete with sandals.

With a Blazer

If you want to wear at work, you can wear with blazer for feminine and polish look.

With Leather Biker Jacket or Denim Jacket

Especially soft shades of slip dress with a jacket is very chic look to try in spring.

With Ankle Boots

Slip dress with a ankle boots very cool and chic combination for everyday look.

With Jeans

A midi lenghy slip dress easily transforms into a longline top. You can complete the look with straight leg styles and a waist belt.

You can check out Topshop and Revolve’s online shops for slip dress.

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