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In today’s post, I would like to share a list of fashion related words.

I have plucked vocabularies that you can find all over the runways and fashion magazines to enter fashion world more. If you are non English speaker like me and fashion lover, learning these vocabularies are fun.

A line – An A line dress or skirt is narrow at the top and wider at the bottom

Accessory – Something added to clothing that has a decorative or useful purpose

Allure: Attracrion or charm

Attire: clothes especially of a formal type

Applique: It is a decorative sewing technique.

Bodice: A pice of underwear that fits tightly to the body above the waist.

Bold: Strong in shape or color

Braid: Twisted threads which is attached to clothes as a decoration.

Button: A small circular object used to fasten something such as coat.

Boutique: A small shop that sells fashionable things such as clothes or shoes.

Brocade: It is a thick, fancy material with a raised design often of silver or gold threads.

Camisole: A short sleeveless undergarment

Casual: Not formal clothes

Catwalk: A narrow and long stage that models walk along in a fashion show

Chemise: A loose fitting piece that covers the top part of the body and is worn under other clothes

Classic: Having simple, traditional style that is always fashionable and elegant.


Combination: the mixture of two or more things are combined.

Comfortable: Comfortable clothes provide relaxed and pleasant feeling.

Contemporary: Existing now

Corset: A tight piece of underwear on the middle part of a body to make waist appear smaller

Couture: Designing and selling of expensive fashionable clothes

Cowl Neck: A round loose collar that folds over on itself at the neck of a piece of clothing.

Craftsmanship: Skill in making things by hand.

Creative: Designing unusual ideas

Culottes: short trousers that look like a skirt

Chic: Stylish

Cool: Fashionable

Decollete: Having a low cut neckline

Department: On part of a large store that sells many different types of goods.

Design: the art of making or drawings.

Designer: A person who make or draws plans

Dress: A piece of clothing that covers the body

Exclusive: Limited to only one person or group of person.

Elegance: Graceful and attractive look.

Embellish: To add some details to make something more beautiful

Embroidery: The activity of decorating a piece of cloth with stitchew sewn onto it

Epaulettes: A decoration worn on the shoulder of a piece of clothing

Evening gown: Special clothing for formal events

Extraordinary: Very special

Fabric: Clothes or material for making clothes

Fashion: A style that is popular at the moment

Fiber: Long, thread like substance which is structure of fabrics.

Finery: Beautiful clothing worn on a formal or special occasion.

Fit: To be right size or shape

Flamboyant: Brightly colored and easily noticed

Flattering: Making look more attractive than usual

Flawless: Perfect

Formal: Clothes wihch are suitable for offical or special occasions

Foulard: Scarf

Fringe: A decorative edge on piece of clothing

Frock: A dress

Frumpy: Old fashion and not attractive

Fur:  The thick hair that covers the body of animals

Futuristic: Very mdoern and seeming to come from future.

Fresh: New

Garment: A piece of clothing

Garter: A piece of elatic material that streches which is used for holding up stocking or sock

Glitter: Small pieces of siny material used to decorate the clothes.

Gown: Long dress for formal occasions.

Grunge: A type of fashion which was popular in the early 1990s

Handmade: Made using the hands.

Hanger: A curved piace of plactic on which clothes are hung while tehy are being stored.

Hatpin: a long metal pin that is pushed throgh a woman’s hat or hair to keep the had on the head.

Haute Couture: Expensive clothes of high quality

High quality: Products are well made, very good

Hosiery: A word used especially in shops for things such as socks and stockings.

Impeccable: Perfect

Influence: The power to have an effect on peopple or things.

Innovate: New ideas.

Inspiration: Someone or something that gives you ideas

Jacket: A short coat.

Jeans: Trousers made of denim

Jersey: Soft thin cloth which is usually made from cotton, silk or wool

Jewelry: Decorative objects worn on your clothes or body.

Jumper: A piece of clothing with long sleeves that is usually made from wool.

Lace: A decorative cloth

Leotard: A tight piece of clothing that covers the body but no legs.

Lingerie: Underwear


Luxurious: Very comfortable and expensive.

Macrame: Decorative Pattern

Mannequin: A large model of human form, used to show clothes in shops.

Manufacture: To Produce goods in large numbers.

Measurement: Sizes of verious parts of the body.

Modern: Designed and made using the recent ideas.

Modest: Not expensive

Motif: A pattern

Neckline: The shape made by the edge of top or dress at the front of the neck.

Noteworthy: Deserving attention because of being interesting.

Old fashioned: Not modern

Original: Produced by the artist and not a copy

Ornamentation: Decoration

Outfit: A set of clothes for any occasion.

Outlet: A store selling the goods of a particular company at prices that are lower than usual

Organza: A type of thin, transparent fabric

Oversize: Bigger than usual

Pastel: A soft colors

Pleated: A narrow fold in a piece of cloth made by pressing two parts of the cloth together.

Pret a porter: Clothes produced in standart sizes and not made too fit a particular person.

Print: To produce a pattern on material.

Prominent: Well known and important

Quality: A high standard

Quantity: the amount or number of something, especially that can be measured.

Ready made: In finished form and availbe to use immediately.

Retailer: Selling goods to the public.

Revealing: Show more of the body than is usual.

Ribbon: A long, narrow strip of material used as adecoration or tie things together.

Ruffles: A serious of small folds made in a piece of cloth or sewn onto it as a decoration.

Runway: The long, narrow stage that models walk along in a fashion show.

Satin: A type of fabric.

Silk: A delicate, soft fabric.

Seamstress: A women whose job is sewing

Sequin: A small, shiny decoration, sewn onto clothes.

Sewing: The skill of making clothes.

Shawl: A large piece of cloth.

Sheer: Very thin and light material

Showroom: A large shop in which people look at the goods that are on sale before buying them

Simple: Plain

Smock: A loose and like a long shirt worn loosely over other clothing to protect it when working.

Sportswear: Clothes are for sports.

Style: Fashion, especially in clothing.

Stylist: A person whose job is to help people on a style of clothes.

Swimwear: Clothes that are for swimming.

Synthetic: Products are made from artificial substances.

Tassel: A group of short threads held together at one end, used as hanging decoration on clothes, etc.

Textile: A cloth made by hand or machine

Texture: The quality of material that can be decided by touch; the degree to which something is smooth or rough.

Traditional: Anything that follows usual way of doing things.

Trend: A new development in clothing

Twill: A strong cotton cloth that has raised diagonal lines on the surface

Ubiquitous: Seeming to be everywhere.

Unique: Special in some way

Urban: Relating to city

Variety: A different type of something.

Veil: a piece of thin materialworn by women to cover the head.

Velvet: A type of fabric

Vintage: Used but of good quality.

Washable: Able to wash in washing machine without damaging.

Wholesale: Selling goods in large amounts at low prices to shops.

Zeal: Eagerness

Zipper: Sliding fastener.

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