Hello Angels,

Recent years I noticed that many people don’t have a personal style, they just follow trends. The key looking stylish isn’t following latest fashion trends. Your style  is a communication without words.Your clothes, hairstyle, accessories and the way you put an outfit together should represent you.

Style is timeless and you should stay true to your personal style. If you don’t know your what your personal style is, you can develop your personal style by creating mood board, searching inspiration from Pinterest, Youtube etc.. and experimenting with fashion.

Before I find my personal style, I tried many different clothes and colors. Years later I realized that I don’t like very colorful combinations. I usually pick neutral or dark colors.

Your personal style can change over the years. For example, I wasn’t prefering vibrant colors in my outfit, accessories or nails but recent years, I love to add something colorful especially yellow.

I would like to share the tips

  • Find an inspiration

Every person needs an inspiration especially in fashion. Figuring out your personal style requires resources. Celebrities are one the great inspiration. You can use Pinterest, Google and Insagram for research and begin collecting them.

Later start noting the outfits you have saved. Are they bold? Are they more classic and feminine? Look for connections and organize your favorite styles by themes.

Note the clothes, cuts, colors, fabrics and textures you are repeatedly save to.

The awareness of the styles you are drawn to makes easier to figure out your own.

  • Consider your lifestyle

Think about your everyday life and be sure the clothing that makes for that lifestyle. A style doesn’t suit your lifestyle is a great waste.

  • Don’t stick to one look

First to all, I would like to clear up one misconception. When you think of developing your personal style, you think of choosing a certain style and follow it. That doesn’t mean that you will only wear bohemian or feminine things. The tirck is to notice what do you like about that styke. Do you love feminine pieces because of slim fit? But do you also like loose, colorful bohemian look? This means you should pick clothes that fit those colors and shapes rather than categories.

  • Don’t follow trends

Unfortunately many woman confuse having style with trendiness. Being trendy and buying expensive clothes turns a lot of women off from having personal style.

Style, being elegant has nothing to do with trends. Style is a personal and it can’t be dictated by stores. Forget about trendsi focus on the clothes you actually love and represent who you are.

  • Start with versatile clothes

Developing your personal style depends upon a wardrobe foundation. You don’t need to buy tons of clothes. You can buy basic and versatile items that can be easily paired together and work for any occasion in your life.

Great style means putting basic items together and complete the look with an accessories.

What are the basic and versatile items? They are classic items such as striped tops, jeans, black dresses, sweaters and blazers.

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