Hello Angels,

After Covid – 19, fitness and health became a priority. Online training, outdoor exercise and wearable technoloy is some of the fitness trends right now.

Tech advances develop healthy lifestyles. They help you focus on your workout and eat healthy. Staying in shape is hard work for some people. Thanks to tech, many people continue to their health and fitness journey easily.

Wearable technology – fitness trackers are in our lives for years and they became trendy. Some of the benefits of fitness trackers are:

It can monitor your activity level during and after each workout.

  • Reminds you to exercise

Reminds you drinking enough water and track your sleeping habit.

  • It gives free workout ideas

If you are not sure which exercises should you do, fitness tracker give ideas that are customized( according to your fitness level)

There are many types of tracker. Some of them are more simple only track your steps and count the calories. Some of them are more detailed which help you achieve your fitness goals.

Some fitness trackers have features that can conenct with other fitness trackers in your area and create your own workout groups. You can also share  your progress on your social media which allows your friend or workout group encourage you.

Everyday fitness trackers come in new design and new style. You can wear them as watch or ring. Most people wear them on their wrist like watch. Depending on the model, they look very much like a digital watch.

Before buy it, make a research about its features. Have you ever used fitness tracker? What is your favorite model and brand? Let me know it below

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