How do you feel when you leave the gym? Do you feel like you want to meet with your friends for a coffee or you want to run home because of your apperance, too big t- shirt and mismatched socks?

There is one way to feel good and have a healthy life which should be in your fitness goals list during 2020: don’t take off your workout clothes. With the correct pieces, you can look even cooler post-workout. Below a few my favorites and tips on how to style them.


We are in 2020 right now, it’s time to put our best sneakers. We all want to look good when we work out and post work out. You can pair with a cool sweater and leggings.


Basic black leggings are easy to combine. You can pair  them with a sweater, and a cool pair of sneakers for a coffee meeting. You can also dress them up with a tank t-shirt and boots.

Crop Top

Instead of big t-shirts, a crop top gives cool look. After the gym, they look amazing with a pair of pants or an leggings. In freezing days, you can layer one over a plain thee or a long sleeve shirt.


The humble sweatshirts reborn as a high fashion statement piece. Once reserved for the gym and weekends, the sweatshirts are hero piece for after the gym. You can pair with leggings or shorts.

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