Hello Angels,

Have you ever wondered how French women look perfect all the time? You are not alone. Many women seem to be obsessed with the French style ( myself include) and what it is that makes them effortlessly chic all the time. Vanessa Paradis, Carla Bruni and Marion Cotillard always look effortlessly stylish.

If you break down the wardrobe of stylish French women you love, you can see generals stylish rules that they follow.

Don’t be obsessed with the latest trends

Paris may be one of the fashion capitals but that doesn’t mean French women follow every trends. Mostly they have a signature look. They update their wardrobe with few trends but they generally buy clothes that suitable for their style and body.

They don’t care opinions of others. Comfort is their priority. So, If you want to emulate French style, first you have to discover own personal style.

Less is more

French women are not obsessed to be stylish. They invest in classic pieces. Jeans and plain t-shirt seems cliche but for a reason, they work all the time.

Nothing looks more effortlessly chic than a striped top or plain t-shirt, skinny jeans and ballets.

French style is about sticking to minimal even in accessories. They prefer to use minimal accessory in high quality.

Embrace Flats

Of course, French women don’t walk around in sky high stilettos all day long. They prefer ballet flats, loafers or ankle boots. You can add a little pop to your outfit with colorful or with pattern flat shoes.

Neutral Color Palette

Mostly French women prefer neutral palette of brown, black or white and pops of color to their look with accessories such as patterned scarf or red shoes.

Keep Your Hair Undone

French women prefer natural hairstyles. French  style is not about to be perfect but rather leaves the hair an undone.

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