Hello Angels,

When I visit Istanbul December 2020, I wasn’t able to visit my favorite places because there had Covid-19 restrictions. Restaurants / cafes were only open for take away and there had a curfew on evenings and weekends.

This time I visited almost all my favorite places because there is no Covid-19 restrictions right now.

Galata is one of my favorite neighbourhood in Istanbul to visit. It is located at the northern shore of the Golden Horn.

Galata was a colony of the Republic of Genoa between 1273 and 1453. The popular Galata tower was built by the Genoese in 1348.

I haven’t been inside of the Galata tower yet. I prefer to visit early in the morning but even that time, there is a line to enter this wonderful historical place.

The legends from Istanbul’s history always surprise me. One of my favorite legend is about Galata Tower which I learned from my mother. According to legend whomever you climb this tower first time with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you are destined to marry. If you love someone, grab him/her and visit Istanbul. Go to the tower and see what happens.

In addition, Galata tower don’t accept couples wo will not live together for a lifetime. I mean if the couple who wants to go to the tower together but was destined not to get married, something would prevent them from going to the tower.

There are shops and wonderful cafes in Galata neighborhood. First I drink Turkish coffee and eat delicious cake then I start to wonder around Galata, Taksim and Nişantası neighborhoods.

Nowadays I prefer to eat San Sebastian cheesecake because there is a one caffe there (which name is Coffee Mundo Novo) and they gluten free cakes. Their cakes are always fresh and tasty. There is also very popular caffee in Galata which name is Viyana Kahvesi. I visited this place first time in last July. They have San Sebastion cake with chocolate sauce. You can prefer milk or dark chocolate sauce.  They have a fresh cakes like Coffee Mundo Novo but  next time I thing I wil prefer to go to Coffee Mundo Novo.

If you visit to Istanbul, I highly recommend you to visit Galata neighbourhood. It is a historical neighbourhood with a lot of shops and cafes. If you love history and love to take a picture, Galata can offer you a lot of lovely things.

Have you ever been in Istanbul and Galata? Let me know it below

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