Hello Angels,

Summer is around the corner. Warm and long days make summer attractive. It is perfect time to prepare our mind, body and soul for a beautiful summer.

  • Prep your skin

Dry brush your whole body every morning and every night for healthy and glowy skin. Also scrubbing should be part of your skin care routine. Scrubbing smoothes the skin and drawing out impurities.

  • Re- evaluate your skincare routine

Our skin needs change in summer time. In winter time, skin needs heavy oils and moisturizers to fight dry skin. In summer time, our skin needs something more lighter and sweat resistant products.

  • Make a new playlist for summer

Music is the best thing to get in the mood. You can make a new playlist which includes fun and upbeat songs.

  • Switch up your perfume

Spring and Summer are the time when perfume evaporates very quickly. We are always sweating and some perfumes are not able to witstand all this especially when we are using the wrong notes for the season.

Perfume for summer should be fresh to get the best contrast with the hot weather. Stay away from too heavy scents in the summer time. Heavy, spicy scents are better in winter time.

  • Drink more water

When the weather starts be warm, our body needs more water. Hydration is important for health and beauty.

  • Eat more vegetable and fruit

Spring and Summer time vegetables and fruits are plenty. You can include colorful fruits and veggies in your meals.

  • Summer hobby

Hobbies are good for relax. Try something different this summer. It can be new sport,

  • Get outside more

Spring and summer are offers many things such as vibrant colors, flowers, warm and long days. It is time to start moving around. Try to do as many errands as possible by foot.

  • Make summer bucket list

I love bucket lists. They make you excited to try new things. Writing all the things you want to summer during will motivate you.

  • Redecorate your home

It is time to redecorate your home for summer. Put away winter decorations, blankets and replace them with bright decorations and fresh flowers.

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