Hello Angels,

Christmas and New year are around the corner. It is time to thing about to buy gifts.

Heading into New Year Resolutions, there is no better time to motivate someone’s fitness resolution with a gift that feeds into their goal. You can opt Christmas or New Year gifts such as gym kit, accessories or gym membership.

I belive that every one should spoil themself and this time of the is perfect to treat yourself. Since pandemic, our health is prioritezed and exercising is one the way to keep our immune strong.

In today’s post, I would like to share gift ideas for fitness lovers.

  • Sneakers

A stylish pair of sneaker is always a good idea. They are comfortable and motivative.

  • Rowing Machine

Rowing machine has many benefits. If you are or the person you are going to buy a gift is not a gym person, you can opt rowing machine. There are so many types of rowing machine. You can compare the prices and functions.

  • Water Bottle

24 bottles water bottle’s are amazing. They keep your drinks hot for up 12 hours and cold for up to 24.

  • Yoga Mat

Yoga mat is an essential for yoga and this is a perfect gift for yoga lovers.

  • Jump Rope

Jump ropes have a high tech versions right now. They have bluetooth and magnetic sensors so you can monitor you calories burned through app.

  • Wireless Buds

These bluetooh headphnoes are very comfortable. I didn’t opt them until last year. My father bought me as a gift and now they are my gym essentials.

  • Gym Clothes

You can opt stylish gym cloth as a gift. It can be leggings, shorts or t-shirt

  • Smartwatch

It is a perfect gift for health fanatics. These devices track your workout, has wide sense capabilities such as heart rate and temperature and track your sleep.

  • Pelaton Bike

If you (or the person whom you will buy a gift) prefer to exercise at home, you can opt pelaton bike. It is not a classic bile. It has automatic digital resistance

  • Wrist Weights

These were very popular during quarantine.These are in various colors and weights.

  • Arm Band

These are perfect when you are out for walk or running. They mount any phone tightly while accessible for text.

  • Workout Friendly Skin Care Products

There are so many sets for skin care but if you didn’t like any of them. You can prepare a kit yourself. Pick your favorite skin care products and create a kit for a gift.

  • Membership For Fitness App or Gym

This gift is perfect for who needs a fitness inspiration.

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