Hello Angels,

Wellness and beauty are connected with each other. What you put in your body is as important as what you put on it.

With the magic of summer in full swing, what better time to let yourself glow inside and out and feel radiant?

You should be kind and care your body, skin and mental health. Taking care yourself is not selfish in fact, it is an essential to live a peaceful life.

Unfortunately, many women invest in beauty products and plastic surgery non stop to feel good, look beautiful and compete with each other. This is sad because they are not confident and they are not happy. It is not a healthy attitude and this point of view never give them happy and peaceful life.  Don’t get me wrong, personally, I love makeup and try new beauty/skin care products. A high quality makeup and skin care products are an essential for me but I believe that it is always better to keep things simple. I mean simple and natural look makeup routine and casual but stylish outfits for daily life.

To truly glow, you have to takere yourself inside out not just what you put on your face or what you eat but how you feel about yourself and what you send out into the universe by your energy and attitude, too.

Maybe you don’t believe the power of energy but according to researches, our mood and how we feel affect also our physical look. The most expensice creams, plastic surgery and spa treatments won’t make you glow if you don’t take steps to feel good glow inside.

Have you ever seen people who glow naturally? I am sure that you have seen them. I made a research about proved steps to have a glow inside out. In today’s post I would like to share them.

  • Begin your day without technology

Avoid social media and looking at your emails first in the morning. Be in present, be grateful for the things in your life and at leat first 30 minutes avoid to check your phone. You may not realize it but exposing yourself to news, gossip or work realted emails in the morning is one of the the biggest source of stress.

  • Affirmations

Affirmations has huge impact on us. After wake up use some affirmations to trains your mind to become more optimistic.

Write down positive quotes or words on a post it note and stick to your mirror, fridge and door. Every time you see them read them out loud.

  • Healthy Food

There is a very popular saying ‘You are what you eat’ But so few of people take this phrase seriously. Our body is like temple and we should care it. One of the best way to keep our body healthy and glow inside out is by ensuring that you are eating a superfoods. There are some foods that maintain a strong immune system and giving you healthy glow skin. Some of there are






Olive Oil



  • Water

Water is an essential drink for a healthy and glow skin. It flushes toxins from our body, hydrates our skin, etc..

  • Masks

Masks are great way to keep your skin clean and hydrated. If you are too lazy to use masks, you can try sheet masks. All you need to do is pop them onto your face leave it for 15 minutes so it can absorb all of the powerful skin loving ingredients.

  • Serums

Serums like hyaluronic is very good for skin health. It lrave your skin moissturized and radiant.

  • Moisturizer

Our skin changes throughout the year just like the seasons. So what works for summer may not work in winter.

In winter time, our skin need a intense moisturizer because of freezing weather and summer time, we need a cream with SPF to protect our skin from the UV rays of the sun.

  • Exercise

Exercise is an important for healthy and glow skin. When you sweat, you remove all toxins from your body.

  • Meditate

For a glow skin, you should be in rpesent and calm. I know it is difficult to feel positive all the time. To reduce your stress, everyday meditate at least 5 minutes. You will start to be in present and feel less stressed.

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