Hello Angels,

I wish you happy, healthy and full of love 2021. New year means new beginnings. I love to create new year resolutions and apply to them. This year I would like to prepare monthly challenge for self care.

Especially last year we realized the importance of mental and physical health. Last two years I am very intrested in healty lifestyle. This year I would like to share monthy self care challenges. My challenge for first month of 2021 is glow up challenge.

Below are 30 tips for a glow up. I wrote them as a daily challenge but these are tips perfect to incorporate into your normal routine.

Day 1: Write 3 things you are grateful for

Day 2 : Cut out all sodas/juices and switch to water and tea for better skin and metabolism.

Day 3: Clean out your closet. Donate the clothes that you don’t prefer to wear.

Day 4: Prepare yourself a delicious breakfast.

Day 5: Have manicure and pedicure

Day 6: Wash and moisturize your face every morning and night.

Day 7 : Drink 2-3 litres of water everyday.

Day 8: Get 7 – 8 hours of sleep

Day 9: Take care of your hair. Do a hair mask once a week.

Day 10: Cut out junk food and switch to healthy options.

Day 12: Apply eye lash growth serum

Day 13: Soak up the sun for vitamin D

Day 14: Do a full body workout at least 3 days of week

Day 15: Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Day 16: Pray

Day 17: Apply a face mask

Day 18: Buy yourself some flowers.

Day 19: Go for a walk outside.

Day 20: Trim your split ends

Day 21: Meditate

Day 22: Do something different with your hair. Curl it, straighten it – whatever makes you feel good.

Day 23: Try out new makeup style.

Day 24: Have a positive attitude.

Day 25: Exfoliate your face and body with scrub.

Day 26: Make yourself a playlist for a mood boost.

Day 27: Spend less time on social media. Read a book, paint or listen to music.

Day 28: Apply a good perfume

Day 29: Organize your fridge and buy more healthy foods such as fruit and vegetable.

Day 30: Everyday find something to laugh.

What is your favorite glow up challenge? Let me know below

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