Hello Angels,

Just because the season’s changing doesn’t mean you have to change your makeup look.

Generally when the season changes, so does our beauty routine and makeup look change. What works for summer may not work in fall. Our skin changes due to weather transition and we need to change our some products along with it.

For example, in summer time we use lighter and natural toned down foundation. Because we generally obtain sunkissed skin during summer.  In winter, foundation texture and color changes due to cold weather.

One of my favorite makeup look is sunkissed bronzed. It is super easy to apply and you don’t have to sunbathe to get the tanned look. You can apply any season you want.

 In today’s post, I would like to share steps to create lovely bronzed makeup look.

Step One : Prep your lids with an eye makeup primer

Step Two: Eyeshadow

You need a shimmery light brown eye shadow for coat your lid. Then, bled the color into your crease using a matte nude shadow.

Step Three: Line your eyes with pencil liner

Line your upper and lower lash lines with a brown pencil liner and smudge the for a smoky look. Then line your waterline with the bronze shimmering eyeliner.

Step  Four: Coat your lashes with mascara

You can use brown mascara for a intense bronze look.

Step Five: Moisturer

Prep your skin with moisturizer.

Step Six: Foundation

Apply a full coverage, lightweight foundation.

Step Seven: Bronze

Apply liquid bronzer to your temples, jawline, the hollows of your cheek and the sides of your nose. For a intense look, set the liquid bronzer with a powder one.

Step Eight: Bronze Blush

Instead of using traditional blush shade like peach, opt for one that will enchange your bronze makeup look. You can pick natural brown tones.

Step Nine: Bronze highlighter

You should complete your bronze makeup with bronze highlighter. Apply it onto your cupid’s bow, cheekbones and tips of your nose.

Step 10: Nude lip liner

Outline your lips with a nude lip liner.

Step 11: Lipstick

Color your lips with a bronze lipstick or gloss. The lipstick formula should be hydrating for a natural look.

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